Hello all, been working on the office today. The step study is still going strong on facebook, and it is helping me to stay clean.

That said, I have been working in the background on the few things that the service board needs doing. Been chasing addicts down for information so I can re-register the groups with the world service body.

That said, I have work to do.

To make things work smoother, I have rearranged a bit in the office. I now have my filing cabinets right next to the desk, and am able to get into the cabinets relatively easily. That helps. I’ve also worked on rearranging lighting andmaking sure that everything is HA.

Meanwhile, haven’t knit yet today, but need to get a few rows taken care of before bedtime. March is coming, and I’m hoping beyond all hope to have it done before my daughter’s birthday.

That’s about it, not much of an update. It’s time to get to recording. Hugs all,



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