February 3rd, 2021

Gratefully, spring is still on the way, yet we are heading for the harshest point of winter here in Minnesota. The cold weather has been maintaining, but again, we are headed for below freezing temperatures for the weekend. Tonight’s low is -8 C with -6 C being the High for the next 10 days.

Why do a kvetch about the weather when I live in the Southwest Corner of the Tundra? (An acquaintences name for where I live.) Well, living in quarantine doesn’t have much to talk about to be honest. I’m not bored, just nothing major happens.

Actually, those are the good days. The days where there is no major crisis or malfunction. The days when nothing is going on, I like those days.

So, it’s cold out there, going to get worse, and I”m okay. Duke, the hubs and I have it really good. We have food in the cupboard, the electric and gas are paid for, and a roof over our head. Focusing on the positive is working.

That’s about all. In 3 hours is a meeting to go to, and I’m making sweaters for the dog out of pajama pants. I also have to rip 2 pair to make a skirt for me. I love the warm fuzzy pants.




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