Cold snap coming

The Pi shawl is progressing. Slowly. I don’t have much time left, there are only 7 weeks left before her birthday. With each increase row, the number of stitches double. Between increase rows, the number of rows doubles. So, the further I go, the behinder I get. The good news is that I can knit during meetings, and while waiting for appointments.

I knit while watching videos, and I knit just to chill out a bit. I recently watched a youtube video about a retiree who knits for 5 hours a day minimum. He gets his yarn from ripping back thrift sttore sweaters. This is cool.

That said, during the pandemic, I’m not hitting the thrift stores. However, I have found a nice resource for tools of the trade. Over the years, I’ve lost hundreds of accessories or even needles working on projects, moving, or giving things away to other knitters or hookers.

I’m currently using cheap needles and hooks from overseas purchased via a mega conglomerate online. I’ve had an account with this company for almost a decade now. Working with lighter weight needles and hooks from overseas means that I can knit or crochet much longer.

On the journaling front, I’ve been trying to keep up with it, but have been in a bit of a slump. I need to desperately get back on track. I can tell that the anger and anxiety have been increasing again.

That said, I also need to jump back in with the steps. It’s the end of January, and time to work steps one and two.

It’s going to get cold as heck again, next weekend a cold snap is settling in. I’m going to go through the clothes and sort them so I can cull things that either don’t fit or are filled with holes or are too stained to use.

I’m going to be upcycling the clothes, and several things need to be adapted yet. I’m planning on turning some pajama bottoms into skirts. I’ve also got some jean skirts on the plan.

I also have some upcycling plans for personal use. It’s an idea that I’ve been playing around with to try to save some money.

Well, I better get back to the books.



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