Do you want to build a snowman?

Morning, it’s a snowy morning, and cold out there. Duke is snuggled up on the bed. When I let him out, the light gleams on the snow, and it’s surreal and quite beautiful.

Sitting here, with the warmest of slippers, relaxing with a cuppa, and listening to youtube videos on the TV beside me. I can’t help it, I’m happiest with being warm and cozy in the winter.

However, I’ve been also scheming in the background. Tonight I saw an ad by chance for a movie that I watched not once, but twice on a free tryout for STARZ on Hulu. I normally don’t watch movies, but this one was close to my crusty old heart. Then I fell through the rabbit hole, and ended up watching 9-5.

As a Secretary, I sat an laughed until it woke the hubs. Whoopse. Sometimes the older movies, even one from over 40 years ago, make me laugh till my ribs hurt. Another movie cued up while I was in the bathroom, and the next thing I knew I was watching Frozen.

Talking about a good movie to watch while snuggled in with hot-coffee, warm slippers and a shawl with a shawl on the needles. It feels good.

That said, I see my Dr via teleconference today. With the car out of whack, note- I do have an appointment Thursday afternoon, I can’t feasibly get to the clinic for the blood work necessary.

I’m worried, because of the depression, and whether or not my Dr will try to ship me down the road for mental adjustment. I’m not in the mood to be filled with drugs to adjust my mood. It’s one of my greatest fears. So, I can’t sleep. It’s not going to be my first white night. Heck it’s not my first night with the lights on by far.

That said, maybe I should “let it go”. Maybe I should go build a snowman. We will see.




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