Another sleepless night, also known as I need a nap.

Morning, hope all is well with you. Am settling in with my 2nd cup of coffee for the morning, and am looking at a long day already. I was up all night with just a short cat nap around 3 am, and I’m not sure this being awake thing is all it is supposed to be.

However, it is a busy day here in Worthington for our household. It’s garbage day, which means that the purge continues. It also means that I am going to have more room to maneuver.

The ultimate goal here is to make enough room to use the wheelchair inside the house as needed. It’s also to make a seating area so that I can sit in my recliner and knit or attend meetings. The more I purge, the better I become.

I still think the kon-mari person is delusional. It’s not whether something brings joy here, it’s whether once I put something in the dumpster it stays in the dumpster. Too many times, I’ve had crap hauled back in by the hubble unit. Sighs.

I never made it to South Dakota, poor visibility, heavy winds, and heavy traffic made it so that I was parked for quite some time on interstate 90. We are going to make sure that the car is fine, and I probably will be sore for awhile yet.

I had my knitting with me though, but as rattled as I was, I screwed up the pi shawl I was working on, and ended up with a freak of science somehow. Later Saturday night, I frogged the thing, and started over. This morning, I’ve now progressed further than I had been with the mistake, and am grateful.

I’ve become addicted to those youtube videos where there is ambiance in the title. Usually there is a rainstorm in the background, or blizzard noises, a campfire, a coffee shop, or a living room with a cat on the rug for the scenery. It’s amazing how much knitting I can get done with a roaring fire even virtually.

I’ve also been working on speed knitting a bit. I downloaded a timing app for the tablet, one which is a stopwatch with lap function. When I finish a row, I hit lap and then mark the row on my chart and keep going.

How this works is say Ihave a row of 128 stitches. The first lap I clock in at 7 minutes. The 2nd, 6 minutes 30, and so on. By the 8th row or lap I was down to 4 minutes. With the PI shawl, the increases double every section you finish. I started with 8 stitches.

When I needed a break, I would massage my hands under warm water, after stopping the clock. I’d also measure my work. At some point it became a ‘self-blocking’ project when I switched to cabled needles. Now, it is all limp again, and I’m at the 256 stitches per row part.

So, we will see. The ultimate goal is to have a 6 foot diameter shawl/blankie. Not sure if I will make it, but it is fun trying.

On the recovery front, I have to get over to the other blogs I work on. I have to get some step study notes started, and a few other things ready.