Knitting and the smart watch.

Hello all, I’m sitting in front of a relaxing fireplace and rain sounds youtube video, and taking a short break from my knitting.

I’m working on EZ’s PI shawl, which I fell in love with, and then promptly screwed up, frogged, and I’m keeping better track. Note, it takes 5 hours to re-knit something it only took 4 hours to muck up. That’s because I’m stopping to count stitches, double check my work, and invent new cuss words.

However, I’ve noticed something. My smart watch, which is supposed to keep track of the number of steps I walk also keeps track of my knitting, counting the movements I make while knitting, as active steps.

I asked a couple of folks, and they both said, that’s the watches fault, not yours. Hmm.

How do I explain this to my Dr? Who I see this week?

I’ll find out on the 28th.




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