The TV in the corner

Morning, Brooks & Dunn are playing on the headset, and the hubs is in the other room. I’m out of cold meds, and have a faucet instead of a nose.

Over the years, the hubs and I have an agreement that I can wear headphones at any time, to listen to music, watch videos or the like. Last year, he prodded me to buy a flat screen tv so “I can watch” until I said screw it, and did just that.

He then bitched consistently until I gave up on it, because the “noise was too loud”. Finally, I said screw it, and put it in the dining room where he sits. He then bitched because he didn’t know how to run it. I taught him, and then he just went back to watching tv exclusively on his phone.

Not my problem.

When he went into the hospital, I got to work cleaning as he wasn’t in the way. I got rid of quite a few things that he yelled at me were in the way, but due to his lurking and constantly nagging and commenting, I couldn’t. I also moved that damned tv out of the dining room.

It now lives in the corner of the desk. And I’m listening to it, while I type. I figured out that the headset I use for the step study works pretty good, and I can now watch almost everything I want to via the headset.

So, screw it. He wanted me to waste money on this, I’m going to use it.

That’s all for now, rant over.