Morning sniffles

Morning hugs all,

It’s snowing out there, and I’m nuzzled into the sweater and shawl things. And I actually have a finished object in the knitting front! Holy crap, it has been awhile since I have had a f/o. Holy crap….

Okay, here’s the tea. Back when I was based knitting wise in the kitchen/dining area and I had a recliner to use, I had finished one wrist warmer, and had gotten 2.3rds through the 2nd one. Red Heart Neon stripe super saver Jumbo. I know, acrylic doesn’t breathe, but that’s not a problem with wrist warmers. Even though I am sitting with a heater under my desk, my hands do not benefit.

So many times, I have been sitting here and the wind from the windows that bracket my desk, just chill me through. The windows were closed, and yet they are so old that you can feel the wind. We can’t afford to replace them, and we can’t caulk and or fix them. Nothing I can do, but just use the heater, and dress much warmer.

Okay, I’m justifying my making myself some arm warmers. I get it, justifying something for myself, seems insane.

However, my magic magnifying mind, and I have been freaking out about something for me. I know, just get over it.

Meanwhile, I have some more work in progress, the wrist warmers are a part of a set. I bought 4 skeins of that yarn. I’m working on a crocheted shawl to match. If I have enough yarn at the end, there will be some leg warmers. Stretching the yarn for this big of a project isn’t that big of a deal. I can sub in some black yarn to make it work.

As far as the sniffles, emotionally I’ve been a wreck. I’m still scared about my daughter. She was one of the corona cases in December. I’m praying, because she still hasn’t gotten her wind back.

I’m scared. I know the after effects of the virus. I’m hoping and praying that she is okay.

That’s about all. Hugs, -L