Asshole tax

It’s almost 3 am, and I’m in the middle of starting up the machines to get the podcast working. It’s just after 3 in the morning. I still haven’t had my coffee yet, but that’s life isn’t it.

Yesterday was the whole fiasco of ordering a grocery pickup. Remember with the Hubs yelling from the kitchen his want list? Well it got better, after I posted.

You see, I was in the midst of calling officers and texting people as a part of service work for most of the day. A good friend had called, and went through the throws of a battle with upgrading their phone. I helped the best that I could but his discount phone provider is just that, a discount phone provider. Sighs. They need to call tech support today and pray quite a bit.

Finally, I got to the point that I was able to get to a zoom meeting. I’m used to a little distraction during meetings. There are times my beloved Duke wants to go potty, or horrors I need to recycle a cup of coffee. Other issues could be as complicated as making a few cigarettes to get through the meeting or some such.

Nope, last night was a doozy. I had my knitting in hand, and the sharing was good. I was wearing my lighted “I’m in a meeting” headphones that I don’t use for any other reason. You could really tell, um ‘don’t interrupt the wife, she will have your head on a plate if you do’. All the signs were there.


You see, the hubs wanted pancake mix, syrup, cream of wheat, a cake pan, and some brownie mixes added to the order. And it had to be done right then, not wait half an hour so I could be in the meeting, and present for the meeting.

I put the zoom meeting in the background and pulled up the browser. I thought a minute, as I was adding his wants. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge him having carbs, however everything he asked for could have waited until the meeting was over. I mean seriously.

As I was adding things to the cart, I typed in the word yarn. And 6 skeins were added to the cart, which I will be picking up at 7 this morning. #ASSHOLETAX. That is exactly what it is. When he acts like an asshole, he will be paying a small tax, every single time.

I may have married him for better or for worse, but when the ED and the police dumped his ass back here after he destroyed the kitchen and the bedroom a few short weeks ago, I had had enough. Since I wasn’t hurt, there wasn’t enough to press charges you see.

So, screw it, I’m at least going to get some fiber serenity if I can’t get my meetings in.