Since the virus that changed the world hit, there have been many changes in everything. However the biggest change has been in what we eat, and what I buy when I “go shopping”. Heck, even the process of shopping has changed. Now, most of my grocery perusal is done via an app, or laptop.

Before of course, it would take 3-4 hours to head out to the various stores. I’d load the wheelchair, check my wallet, and take a couple of tylenol arthritis. I would have to have plenty of time to decompress after each store, and each store took an average of 90 minutes to shop, depending on size and ease of access.

Today, it involves a laptop, or an app, and the husband yelling at me from the kitchen what he wants while I’m trying to figure out what his faint voice means.

There are days I miss the old ways, but at least this way, it doesn’t involve spending 90 minutes in the store trying to navigate the isles, and arguing with the hubs over the phone over which box of freezer bags to pick up.