Have I mentioned that I hate cough drops?

Morning, it’s just shy of 1 am, and I have a halls sugar free lemon menthol cough drop in my mouth. I’m trying to not chuck it up. It’s another I can’t sleep, but I need to sleep night, and I’m tempted sorely, to just lay down with some Netflix or the local equivalent.

Black Yarn is on the 10 inch size 4 US needles. Acrylic, purchased at the megalith store 2 or 3 years ago. I’m knitting just for something to do other than reading. I can’t record, I can’t leave the house, and I feel like schmutz.

Prayer is always my first defense against the doldrums. It works, it really does, however I have been doing the footwork. I bought a “natural sunlight” “mood improving” lamp. It arrived yesterday, and when I’m not using it to improve my mood, I’m using it as a grow lamp for the peppermint seeds I planted.

I lost the plant my sponsor gave me when she left. I’m grieving for the loss, and decided screw it. I ordered the seeds, and had the local megalith store add 2 bags of soil to my last pick up order. I felt a little guilty for asking for the soil, it meant that someone had to dig through the garden center stuff that was frozen solid to pick it out. Oh well.

The house plants are replanted as well in new containers. This year, I decided screw it, let them grow! I moved them into much larger homes, I used square dish tubs this time, and used a miracle soil. We will see what the babies want.

Other than that, I’m tuckered. But still can’t sleep. I think that in the next store order I will get some decaf Earl Grey. I crave it terribly in the evening, and I’ve been off my coffee the last few days.

By the way, I did go and get tested to make sure that the cold symptoms that I’m experiencing aren’t more interesting. Thank God. I don’t have covid. I will take the rank and boring rather than the exciting or interesting any day.

That’s about it for now. Did I mention that I hate cough drops? They are foul denizens from the arse cracks of demons. Yet the damned things help. Yes, colds make me a cranky wretch. Oh well.