Long day, but a good one.

Hello all, we are doing well enough. We had a good supper, I’d gone to Taco John’s grabbed a bit for both of us. Duke got some potato num nums as well.

Recording went well, and I am hopeful for tomorrow’s work. In AA, step 3’s recording will be starting, and in NA, step 2 will be finishing. Sadly, it will be that way, there will probably always be a lag. Since NA has that much more literature than AA. It is bound to be that way.

There are other things to think about, and I have to study ahead to present about a step ahead of the work I am currently presenting. It just means that I have to know or even relearn the things I used to know. It also means that I have active step work to do as well. Chuckle, I don’t mind really.

Meanwhile, it’s garbage night here, and I am in the midst of a purge. I’m going to be moving the garbage bin to the inside of the garage to make it much easier, and before bed, I will take it to the curb.

Oh, and by the way, my Book cover and 2 missing key tags arrived today. I’m tickled pink!


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