Coffee’s on

Morning, Duke is snuggling and keeping the bed warm. I’ve got the coffee on, and I’m working in the office already. It promises to be a good day. While I would love to hit the Chiropractor today, there just isn’t money for that service in our budget. The hubs is asleep in his bed.

So, today’s plan is simple. Rearrange the rest of the room, purge some more, and get more organized. I pay a “bathroom tax”. Everytime I get up to refill my coffee or recycle a cuppa, I bring something out, and I haul something out. I have decided that between the wheelchair and whatnot, it’s just easier this way.

It does work better when the hubs is not in his bed. This is because the bed is in the road, and I can’t carry things around it while he is in it. As it is much easier to put the objects on top of his bed. Move around it, and then pick them up again on my way out.

For a lovely Sunday, I’m working on the step study, how to make it better. What do I need to do to increase quality, and what do I need to do to increase successful production. Some of the changes I’m making will do exactly that.

The other thing is is that it is time to restart my own step work. So, in addition to the study, I need to be doing the work. Sighs. Nah, just kidding. It is a natural progression of studying the steps.

I have noticed in meetings, I’m promoting working the steps much more often. I’ve also been talking about the step I’m currently going through in the step study. I’m trying to not be obnoioux about it.

Yet, I had to learn a long time ago, that the steps are my EDC. That they are my first defense against the disease of addiction. That said, I sometimes come off as an ass. I’m working on that character defect.

I better get a move on, it’s about quarter past 7, and I’m cold. Have to figure out why the heat is so low in the house.