Long day

Just woke from a nap, again. There are days when 2 naps are in order.

Having a lovely cuppa Earl Grey. Duke is on the bed, keeping it nice and warm for me. I got to talk to 2 of my friends, and I went through a drive through. I had a reuben, and Tim had a double roast beef and cheese. We both had curly fries, with Duke getting tidbits here and there.

I’ve been enjoying a day off from both the step studies, and had a bit of a dissapointment. It seems that I could not outwit certain computers. Sadly, this puts a crimp in my plans.

Other than that, I have some work to do tomorrow for the step study recordings on Monday. I am still grabbing books and other things from the old sitting area in the dining room. I am not actually shocked at the amount of fluff and dross I’ve collected over the years.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lurking in the minimalist groups and the decluttering groups online. I’m not a Marie Kondo fan, TBH. Okay, I think she is a bit too Martha Stewart for my taste. Too commercialized, in my opinion. Yet, the basics are important.

Some of the current purge involves just filling the bin every week. With several years of moving back and forth between the farm and city, and often having to replace things that were forgotten at the other place… Sighs.

Now for those who would go ballistic about my not donating to thrift stores, bite me. Both my husband and I are very heavy smokers. Not much can realistically be donated. Our clothes are worn until they are in total tatters. Often being used as cleaning rags and hankies long after they aren’t useful as clothes anymore.

That said, donating anything isn’t really possible. I have been looking at the art of Swedish Death Cleaning. I’ve given my daughter the few heirlooms that I have that I am able to part with. There are a few small things yet, that she is to be given.

The rest, well, I don’t want to leave a house full of crap for her when I’m gone. My most treasured things are her, our dog, my Bible and Grandma’s rosary. My recovery literature is about the last. So with these treasures, I have a short list of what I truly want to keep. I can rehome or pitch the rest.

The biggest obstacles, if you could call them that are my wheelchair and my husband. The wheelchair makes it easier to get so many things done. The hubs? Well, not so much. Sighs. It is the way things are.

I would pitch something and the damned thing would end up right back in the house.

Oh well, I’ve got to get my ass to a meeting, I’m running late.


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