New Year, new morning. I’m sitting here wearing my warmest clothes, because our house is damned cold. Sighs, oh well. Life goes on. I have an electric heater that I found in the garage, and I’m going to be putting it under my desk shortly. I just need to shiver a bit first.

We had a quiet night. Don’t know if he was sober or not, but he didn’t say a word to me. I went to bed early, and woke around 9 or so for a bathroom break. A quick snack, and then youtube videos until I fell asleep.

This morning, at 4, I woke and was about to go back to bed, but I decided to keep up with recovery and step study instead. Recording went well enough. I record at that hour of the morning, because I’m going live on facebook. This is totally appropriate, because I can’t afford the fees like when I used to podcast.

The other ways that this is different, is that I don’t edit the videos. It is a warts and all step study. I can’t afford to invest in the equipment to do podcasting like I used to do.

That said, if I ever win a lottery………

Yeah. Meanwhile, it is a new year. I do have some plans, and a few things to work out. I’m glad to be able to broadcast again.

Huge hugs, Hope all is well with you. Stay warm those of you in colder climates. I have a heater to install under my desk.