Christmas Morning in Worthington

Morning all, the coffee is on, and the first of several phone calls has been done and dusted. I’ve got some Clanadonia music in the earbuds, and it’s a lovely morning.

This morning I woke a bit later than I like again. Yes, the 2 hours of extra sleep is a gift, however in 2 days, I’ve got to get up on time for the step study. I am determined to keep it up and keep working.

Meanwhile, Duke has already unwrapped his Christmas gifts, and he is a happy pupper doodle. He loves his chewies, and good n plenty has a kabob thingy that he is over the moon over. I’m going to have to find more of those.

The hubs is still asleep. I enjoy my morning quiet time without him to be honest. Having a couple of hours to think, relax, and greet the morning with God is always a blessing. Okay, to be honest, I get less morning quiet time when I oversleep like this. So, tomorrow, back to the grind stone.

As far as Christmas goes, my gift from my husband this year was the battery for my car. We had to have it installed last week. The hubs got wasted drunk again, we had the cops here a few times, and he handed me his debit card. He told me to get the battery and whatever else we needed.

How romantic.

It’s life. His disease is not mine. As in, not my circus, not my monkeys.

Waiting for him to get a grip and get sobriety is taking awhile you know. I’ve only been waiting since 2002. Many families wait much much longer.

So, I will keep waiting.


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