In loving service to others

Good evening all. Been doing service work, and hiding behind closed doors here in lovely Worthington, Minnesota. Haven’t left the house in 13 days. Since currently things outside the house are going awry, it’s best to stay home.

So, I’ve started doing live videos on step studies on Facebook again. It’s similar to the old podcast, one where I can show my screen live, combining the miracles of zoom and facebook live.

I’m thinking of doing something on youtube as well for the knitterly goodness, or maybe on the anonymous knitter facebook page. Yes, it is still hiding out there somewhere.

We will see. Doing service work is helping me to stay sane, and using the tools that both zoom and facebook provide saves me so much money compared to the old podcast system. Sighs, Having to go with the cheapest possible option.

So, life goes on.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in the recovery portion, here are the links you will need. I switch the step studies between AA and NA every other day.


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