Adventures of a wheelchair bound lunatic

Morning all,

Just sitting here, waiting for the latest in a long line of delivery drivers who come to the house. Today’s deliveries? Range from incontinence padding to tomato seeds. . . I think.

Being of a nerdly bent, with a very limited income, I try like hell to bend the interwebs to my will. I scrounge sites for the best prices with free shipping or limited shipping costs for me and mine.

We get everything from our groceries to my recovery literature online. What this means in the long run, is that I watch shipping times like a hawk, and try to time the shipping so that we don’t run out of things before the next shipment arrives.

The thing is, websites lie, and I’ve caught them in several. It seems that businesses don’t have to run a program of rigorous honesty like I do. So, there are times when a product is on back order.

This week I was sweating it. Being of certain medical issues, I can’t make it to the can in time most of the time. Last month, I ordered the needful to deal with this issue from Walmart grocery, but was mortified that there wasn’t as much available as I would need for the month.

I do keep an emergency stock of items that were less than stellar when I first purchased them as back ups. This month, I ordered from themselves. I planned ahead, and ordered a 6 week supply.

I’d also ordered a wheelchair, (which I am currently sitting in), garden seeds, two seat cushions, and a dress. My two splurge items where some schlock from I thought nothing of it when I ordered. There was the grocery order, which I place, set a pickup time and go to get.

Yet, the personal supplies caused an issue. It seems that either I ordered the exact same product as hundreds of others, or the website lied. I’m thinking it was a combination of the two. I was sent an email the next day saying that the household toilet paper and several other things had shipped.

However, the most needed things, the personal things had not.

Damn and double damn. I’d gotten down to the last 2 packages of product. Something I was cursing myself for.

The item that I thought would arrive last, the wheelchair, arrived first. (Their website told me that it would take several business days to ship.) Yay! This is the most comfortable chair in the house. Woot woot.

The groceries were gathered, bagged, and loaded into my car by others. The seeds and misc should arrive today and tomorrow… And there was no further updates from the Walmart with the most important necessities.


This morning, I was getting worried. So I delved into the app on my tablet. Heck even Verizon ships in a timely manner.

The app gave me zip. So, I went to the website. Lo and behold, the items should arrive today.

This reminds me of a story out of the Big Book. About expectations. It also reminds me of a youtuber who is wheelchair bound like me.

They both talk about happiness equals reality over expectations. I’d forgotten that in recent days. I let my impatience get the worst of me. I let my expectations of hundreds of people who arranged to get my stuff to me overcome the reality.

People, and companies make mistakes. It’s not their fault I have this condition. It’s not their fault that I only had so much backstock in the house for emergencies. And it’s not their fault that I needed the products sooner than I expected.

So, I need to tend to my knitting, and just wait. It will be okay in the end.


I’ve got my daughter’s shawl to the point of the crochet. It should be done in hours. I just need to get offline and back to reality to do it. Sighs. I’m such a selfish cow.

Hugs not drugs, -L


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