Positive Addictions

Hello all,

It’s a lovely January day in Minnesota. The sun is shining, and the air is clear. My mint plant is happily growing and on my desk. So, it’s a lovely day.

I have a notorious black thumb. To make life easier for others, I’m living in a notoriously dark house. There are blackout curtains or shades on all but one window. My husband just doesn’t like light. For me, going cavelike, drives me nuts. So far, settling my desk on the only window that’s allowed to have light just makes sense. And when I physically can, I go outside.

Which brings up positive addictions. Too much of anything can kill you. That sunlight addiction I mentioned can make skin cancer a possibility. While most of my light resource is behind a window, I’m safer than most. That said, I’ve replaced many lethal addictions with ones that don’t cause problems.

Meetings are definitely a positive addiction. I love going to meetings, and when you combine meetings with two of my other favorite addictions, knitting and coffee, well there you go.

Other positive addictions I’ve found, vegetables. Home grown vegetables, which I can grow in the back yard. Nothing tastes better than a rich, warm home grown tomato.

Dog snuggles, my beloved Duke is a snuggle fiend. He is determined to snuggle always, no matter what. I indulge him, especially since I spend quite a bit of time in bed.

Writing is another addiction. Being able to sit and write for hours, whether on journal, step work, or other means keeps me from going off the deep end.

Helping others. I love to go to treatment centers to share. Giving people hope, that life can be survived, even when you are sure that you are crazy or suicidal, that recovery is possible, no matter what… Gives me a bigger high than the drugs I used and abused.

Knitting, crochet, sewing and spinning. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you are stuck in a wheel chair most of the time. Giving those items away to others fulfills my helping others urge. If I can pray while I work, so much the better.

Prayer, the only addiction I have with absolutely no negative side affects. It’s not just the power of turning things over to God that helps, it’s the power of peace and serenity I receive from reaching out to my creator.

This short essay is in no way an all inclusive list, the idea that you can take the obsession of the disease, and turn it to positive things, isn’t new or radical. It’s one of those things that may be new to you. If you think about it, the obsession of the mind that addicts have is a very powerful force.

I didn’t get to this idea right away in my recovery. I still had to go to meetings, work the steps, and live a program. I still had to get and maintain a sponsor relationship, and live life one day at a time. In no way, does this idea replace the hard work necessary for recovery.

I better get back to work. There’s some service work that needs doing, and I’m in the middle of crocheting scrubby pads for one of my sponsees.

Hugs, -L


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