Craving Pizza and other ramblings


For some reason, I’ve been craving Pizza again. Sighs, not just the kind of pizza you can get from any delivery service, but that crispy, cheap toaster oven pizza you can get for a dollar.

I’m getting older. I was mucking about in the Amazon app and decided that I didn’t need most of the crap that was in my cart. Now, it’s time to weed things down to the budget. My budget is abysmally small. Yet, I want to celebrate my 21 years clean by getting something a little something.

I have been thinking of taking up painting again. This has two inspirations. I had been going through my social media account, and saw some paintings that I’d done years ago. I missed the relaxation of painting, and yet that didn’t get me started.

What got to me was my journal. I’ve been working on some homework in my journal and decided to go to my favorite old style of bullet journaling with a combination of the current style. This style eats up paper, but paper is cheap.

A couple of years back I’d done my daily homework in my bujo, and got much better at doing it. When I was working in the blog, I’d seen a pic in my uploads that inspired me to go back to that format.

Old format number one.
Old format number two.

These are the only formats that I had used, but were among my favorites.

New format one, daily lists
New format two, tasks and time log.
New format three, rapid logging and journal pages.

The pencils I use are a combination of water colors and cheap standard colored pencils. I’m using about 6 pages per day, with homework and journaling. The pens are a combo of fountain pens and paper mate flair mediums.

I’m getting the daily homework done, and pre-color the pages a day or so ahead in order to have plenty to work on. The last thing I do every day is set up the next day’s pages, with the grids and time logs. I enter in several things on the task list, and enjoy the work. It’s relaxing.

So, why the urge to paint? I jumped down the Amazon rabbit hole over the last couple of days. Before I knew it, there was a couple of hundred dollars worth of paints, canvas, easels and what-nots in the cart. The kicker, the tiny tiny budget. So, I will stick with the water-color pencils and a couple of things, and wait for the canvases and other things for a later date.

Note: using water colors in bullet journals can lead to mold and other issues, this is WATER. So be sure to dry thoroughly before shutting the journal.

I use paper towels as blotter sheets and switch them out over time. I also never fully wet the pages.

Standby for the recovery related post later today. -L


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