Live writer, my favorite thing

Hello there, I’ve been mucking around with the laptop today, and have found…. LIVE WRITER! I used to use live writer exclusively for blogging, and mourned horribly when she went away.

Now, thankfully, she is back, as a tiny little app on my laptop (It’s a samsung windows 10 tablet.) and woot woot! I’m a happy clam in mud.

I’ve been thinking about my wardrobe, and have been digging through amazon again. My birthday is coming up, and this year instead of buying a phone I don’t need, and other crap I don’t want, I’m settling down to look at a new to my wardrobe.

 Annotation 2019-09-25 145318

I use Amazon for inspiration, and have the patterns to make what I want. Wait, what!

Annotation 2019-09-25 145249

Annotation 2019-09-25 145625Annotation 2019-09-25 145555

On the 24th of October, I’m heading back to the farm and retrieving the few things I’ve left that I really want. If I don’t, I run the risk of the old man burning them to stay warm.

My sister and I have set a date to pick up what I want/need. The rest, of course can be burned to keep the old man warm.

Lastly, the sewing patterns I have, I had ordered off of Amazon years ago. I had just realized today that most of the things in the cart for clothing items are things that I can sew up and make for myself. I can choose the fabrics, colors, length, the whole nine yards.

I’m a happy clam in mud.



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