Bullet Journal days

Hello all,

It’s a quiet night here in Minnesota. Everyone’s asleep again, and I have the headset and phone running Prime. I like historical archaeology, and this is the best other than YouTube to do it.

Long ago we cut the cable cord here at the house. The only utility we buy for entertainment is WiFi. It’s almost time to review Hulu, Netflix, and Britbox again. It’s also time to renew my audible subscription.

That said, I’m having fun with my bullet journal. I found my old stencils today, dug out the colored pencils, markers and stencils. I made my bullet journal pretty for the first time in a very long time.

I put in reminders about drinking water, working on the steps, and meeting times. I put in a section to chart my eating and diabetes. I even have a mood tracker.

I don’t mind goofing off like this once in awhile.

Yet, I won’t be taking photos today with the bujo. It’s still too personal. Well, I suppose I better get back to my journal.

If this post seems a bit disjointed, I had to cut several paragraphs out as they weren’t seemly for the situation.

Have a good night.



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