In the rooms

Morning, still waking up for the day. Duke is sleeping behind me at the desk and Hubsy is in the dining room watching YouTube.

Today I’m switching to ITR for most of my recovery related meetings. I have too much body pain to keep heading out the door, that is at least the excuse I’m using. I always have body pain, I just can’t keep eating ibuprofen to move anymore. My Dr postponed my Dr’s appointment.

It happens. She had some surgery, and I understand.

The pain levels just keep escalating with the further we get into fall.

I have to work on the laptop a bit today. I have a friends laptop here and need to get it up to speed for them. I’m going to get ahold of them to find out what needs done. It’s a beast of a laptop. Okay, it is the widest laptop I’ve ever worked on. It’s a heavy beast. I’m flipping out with the size of this thing. My personal beast is tiny compared to this thing.

Oh well. I have 90 minutes until the noon meeting. I am going to play with it and get to work.



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