Time off for good behavior

Morning all, It’s almost 1 in the morning, and I can’t sleep to save my can.

It happens, I’ve had white nights before. Duke and Shuggie are asleep on the bed, and I’ve been listening to the forensic files podcast most of the day. I’ve found my car keys, my wallet, and organized some of the recovery literature I am owned by.

I have even organized some of my journals.

That said, I really love the fall allergy season.

Life is what it is. My sinus is currently filling with schmutz. Hot tea doesn’t help, allergy pills have me a little on edge, and life is what it is.

So, lets talk about the car keys. I put them in the same place every time, right? Nope. I leave them in this spot or that spot. I just can’t find them most of the time. One hour before the meeting, I started the traditional car key hunt. Three hours after the meeting was over, I found my spare car key. An hour and a half later, I’d lost that again, and then found the main set. Two hours later, I found the spare key. Shortly after that, I labeled the desk drawer where they now belong.

For crying in a sugar free Barq’s root beer.


After finding the keys, I went and rescued my journals and recovery books from the car. I also happened to rescue my favorite fountain pens and dictionaries at the same time. Sighs, I seriously need to stop hiding my keys from myself. But the drawer is labeled now, right? I’m going to put the keys in that drawer every time now right?

Uh huh. It’s a good thing that those drawer labels are magnetic. I get the feeling a complete desk reorganization is in order.

In other news, the clothes washer is dead. Also, the kitchen drains leak. Life is life, and the house is falling apart around my ears.

Oh well, life is what it is.

I’m going to be heading to a meeting in less than 8 hours, so I have homework to do.

At least I have my recovery literature and journals to do my homework in.

That’s all for now,

I’m scatter brained.



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