A headache kept me home

Hello all,

Went to the morning meeting to meet up with a sponsee. After talking with her I am reassured, and have a bit of hope.

I spent the afternoon online, and played some games on the iPad. The nap monster overtook me and I woke after the meeting with a blinding headache. I’d missed the mtg.

Within minutes, one of my sponsees and her friend were at my house. It looks like a new mtg has been moved up in time for starting. The women in one of the fellowships are starting a meeting and a new group.

We were going to postpone it until October, but it has been moved ahead just because of what happened tonight.

Sighs. I am almost glad I wasn’t there. My head is still pounding, but I will survive.

Meanwhile, had a call with my sponsor, and all is well. They are still on their epic migration.

It’s time for one last smoke, some diabetes medicine and bed. Have a good night.



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