Cleaning from the chair

Recently, I shared on social media about a children’s cleaning set that I bought. I didn’t realize that I had started something important.

I have to sit in a chair most of the time. Pain levels have gotten to the point that I just can’t stand for long or for much anymore. I can’t handle the pain. Traditional cleaning products, mops, brooms and the like just don’t work for me. Yet, like most people, a cleaner house works better than a messy one.

So, in desperation, I googled children’s cleaning kits. Walmart had one that was toy to no end, and after looking at it, I realized that this wouldn’t work. So, off to Amazon I went. I found one that was a real cleaning kit, that actually works like the full sized ones for people who stand.

I had them overnight it to me, (Yay for Prime!) and it arrived yesterday. I’m tickled pink! If I had bought the items individually in adult size I wouldn’t have found the same value, and believe me, I didn’t relish the thought of using a hack saw on broom and mop handles.

Within one hour, my office was cleaner than it had ever been, and I went on my way.

So, for me, using a child’s size cleaning kit from the chair, works. I then tried googling other cleaning ideas and products. Nothing, absolutely nothing fit the bill.

Holy Crap. There are no blogs even on how or what to use from a wheelchair. I was ticked.

So, with your permission, I will be doing just that for awhile. I’ll be talking about how I am trying to find ideas to help me clean my own house without breaking the bank, and without making the pain twenty times worse.

I’ll also keep posting about knitting, recovery and the like. It’s part of what and who I am.




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