Gout, get out.

Morning again. We’ve been up since about 3 this morning. Duke and I just returned from the pharmacy. I was out of a few things.

The sad part about recovery, is that there are medicines I just can’t do anymore. I boozed, used, and abused my body to the point of it’s getting revenge on me. Certain medication will destroy the organs that are left. It’s humbling, to have to resort to bed rest during the summer time.

Sighs. Oh well. Life is better with a clearer head than without.

Meanwhile, I got prezzies in the mail today. Sheaffer is the brand of ink I use in fountain pens. My ink was getting pretty low, and not suitable for fountain pen goodness anymore. It was time for a change. So when Amazon had a buy 3 together for cheaper than buy two separate on my favorite color… I leaped on it.

I don’t do Hobby Lobby anymore. The nearest one is either 65 miles away, or the other is about 88 miles away. Unless I’m going to a recovery function, there is no need for me to go that far. So many places have free shipping and handling with a certain sized order, so that’s what I do.

On the recovery front, part two, I’ve been digging through my boxes trying to find the book I wrote. Yes, I found the e-version, but I had a hand-written version covering 3 fellowships. I haven’t found it quite yet. I have found a few other books that I need though. With this gout flare, I’m not going to be able to make it to meetings for awhile. This trip to Walgreens just about killed me.

So, what’s left to talk about? Duke and I spent a few hours out on the patio this morning. We decided to enjoy the cool morning air. A squirrel chewed us out, for invading his world. I apologized, but he is still pretty angry.

I haven’t done any knitting yet today. I keep a few projects going at once. One, a pair of socks is the foot ovens by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. The other is a no pattern shawl for me. The last, which I’m trying to clear my queue for is a wedding present. Due date, May 2nd, 2020. I’m looking forward to working on that project.

One of the patterns is old shale, or feather and fan. I’m not sure yet if that would work. I’m looking at needle sizes and digging through Ravelry like madness has seized me. The other pattern is patchwork, where I do squares of different pieces, pray I can make gauge, and piecework them together.

I’d love to talk more about it, but I’m not quite ready. I don’t know if the bride has found this blog quite yet. I want to keep a few surprises.

Well, it’s time to take the medication. I’m not looking forward to it. For gout relief, I was told to drink, lemon, apple cider vinegar, and turmeric mixed. I nixed the turmeric, because it’s in one of my other supplements. I was also told to go back on magnesium.





Morning sunrise coffee time.

Morning all,

I’ve been sitting here since about 3:30 this morning. As I get older, getting up early does not require an alarm clock, it requires a glass of water.

Duke is in the driveway, surveying his kingdom. He hates cats, men, and loves to just sit and watch. It’s a blessing that we live on a dead end. Where we used to live, there was so much traffic, I worried. Not so much here.

Today is a day of great cleanup. By that, I mean I have to clean up my desk. The fly lady would be so ashamed of me. Oh well, I’m dressed, but not to the shoes. Screw the fly lady. I have other things on my mind.

It is my morning quiet time. A coffee slushy is next to me, the laptop is fired up, I’ve read my morning meditation, and I’ve knit a few rows on my socks. The heartburn is up there pretty bad, and I’ve already taken medication for it.

Nest on the list, I dug out the book I wrote. It’s recovery 101, or the basics to keep me clean. I’m at the part of the morning where I think about the 24 hours ahead, and consider my plans for the day.

It’s okay to just sit and be, it’s okay to do. I’m going to have some fun today.

Later on, I’m going to be working with a sponsee. I’m also going to work as much as I can on cleanup in the garage. I better get my own homework done for the morning. If I expect a sponsee to do the work, I had better be doing it myself.

That’s all I have for now,