I don’t like change

Hello all, I’m in a temporary setup in the living room today. It’s going to be entertaining for awhile while I move the office yet again.

Hubs and I are trying to figure out what to do while we have a volunteer organization come to paint the house next month. I’m going to have to move the office out of the garage completely and configure it permanently in the living room. I fought the change for a long time, but damn it, I’m going to just have to live with it.

The reason I moved into the garage is sound. Hubs doesn’t like to overhear my phone conversations. I talk to people in confidence quite often due to the nature of my volunteer service work. I also need a space to meet with sponsees. The current configuration in the garage works short term, but with the construction…. not so much.

So, the move, one carton, one box one shelf at a time, to the living room. I have only 17 days to get the work done.




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