Water pills and coffee smoothies

Late morning, hello all.

I’ve had to resort to taking water pills. You know those pills that are sold over the counter for females who have bloat? Yep. The feet have been swelling up like life rafts, and I just can’t take it anymore. So, water pills it is.

On the knitterly front, the wedding shawl is started. It’s looking okay. I have maybe 6 cm of work done. That said, I want it to be at least 2 meters long. It’s less than .5 m wide. The yarn: Yarn Bee Lace Meadows 170 grams worth. I’m using 4.5 mm needles, in bamboo. The shawl is due April first next year.

With the wedding shawl, I have small side projects that keep me distracted in meetings and in public. The shawl has to stay home. I don’t want to remove the yarn from its bowl, I don’t want to split or snag the yarn, and I do want the project to remain relatively clean.

There is no gauge swatch for this one. The pattern, feather and fan, is an old favorite. I looked up a simple stitch repeat, and began.

On the family front, The hubs is doing okay for today. We do things day by day here. He is off to sleep. Duke just gave the mail carrier his opinion. Thankfully, there was a thick garage door between him and the carrier. Otherwise, all is well.

My medical: I am so sick of Doctors. I tried to contact mine via the “app” that my provider uses. I just could not get through. There was no “making an appointment” the stupid app would not let me. Oh well.

My Dr is actually pretty nice, and she has a wicked sense of humor. However, I really hate the admin from the provider. Dealing with admin, and their app makes swelling feet with painful walking an absolute joy.

Recovery front: Still clean and serene. I didn’t do any recovery homework the last couple of days. I’ve been focusing on other things. I’ve been in contact with members of two fellowships, and I feel solid. I was going to attempt to get to the nooner today. However, once my feet hit the floor, the swelling decided to come back. I’m leery of driving unless absolutely necessary.

So, I will call a member in recovery, and get a ride to the meeting. Problem solved.

In general, life is still good. I have an icy cold coffee smoothie by my side, a lit cigarette to my left in the ash tray, and all is well.

Coffee smoothie recipe:

  1. Instant coffee crystals
  2. Powdered Creamer
  3. Lemon Juice
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar
  5. Artificial Sweetener
  6. Ice
  7. Water
  8. Ginger, ground

I put maybe a little water in the bottom of the blender. In goes a tray full of ice. Measure out to your taste, the instant coffee. Add one cap full of lemon juice, one cap full of the vinegar, the artificial sweetener (to taste), the powdered creamer and etc…

Fill to the 3/4 mark on your blender with water. Pulse, until the ice is pulverized. Pour into a glass and refrigerate the rest.

These smoothies last me one day.


Note: The lemon and vinegar help my body, in my opinion, and add very little flavor to the mix. You can substitute leftover coffee from the night before for the crystals and water. You can use any flavor creamer as you wish. For spices, you can use five spice powder, cinnamon, or any spice you prefer. I am using ginger for the medicinal qualities.

That’s all I have for now everyone, have a good day.