My dog Duke is such a gigolo

Campy background music by David Lee Roth is playing in the background. Duke is laying on a van seat we have set up in the garage for him. He’s a good boy….

Except this morning. I had to go and run two errands quick. He insisted on going along. I’m glad it was still cool outside, so he could sit shotgun. First, we stopped at the post office. He insisted on sitting in my seat to watch while I checked the Area’s mailbox.

Then we were too early for the pharmacy, hubs meds weren’t ready quite yet. We drove around a little. The LYS wasn’t open yet. Now this LYS is expensive, and the only non mega-store that sells yarn that I know of in town. I shook my head, and left.

We snuck over to the Spanish bakery in town. He was a very good and patient boy, while I went in, bought two special treats for him and I to share, and some bread pudding and a sweet roll for Hubsy. Hubsy doesn’t know that Duke and I shared to really good, sweet treats.

Finally to the pharmacy drive thru. We waited a second while the cashier worked with another customer. Then the minute she opened the window for us, his best smile came out. He put on all the charm. She fell madly, passionately in love with the boy.

I knew better.

He’d just racked up another notch on his leash. The bugger. She asked if he was a good boy. I said, it depends on how many sweet treats from the bakery he cons out of me in the morning. The conversation between her and Duke, well, my ears were burning. He just ate up the attention.

We finished out transaction, and Duke and I left. I couldn’t help but chuckle about the latest in a long line of broken hearts he left behind him.

Silly boy.

On the recovery front, am taking a day off from stress. I caught a nap for a bit, and my legs are still killing me. I’m just gonna stay home from the meeting tonight.

I have knitting beside me, and I’m starting some foot ovens by Stephanie Pearl McPhee. They are a quick knit, and I can get a pair done in a day or so. Especially with my legs swelling like balloons, I need to up my sock stash.

That’s all for now.



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