The coffee cup yarn bowl and the shawl

This is the shawl in progress, I’m using scraps of yarn. The two coffee cups, I’m using as yarn bowls. I discovered the yarn bowl goodness the other day. I’d been using one of the cups as a flower pot. Yet, I’d bought them as coffee cups.

When I went to dump the cup and pitch the flowers, I had to clean the cup up quick. Lately, I’ve been on a knitting jag, and I stuck a yarn cake in the cup. A quick slip of the end through the handle, and magic.

I’ve never had a proper yarn bowl. Now, I don’t think I ever will do. I’m in love. Knitting is so much easier now. Sighs.

On the recovery front, I got some journaling done. I also met with my mischievous sponsor. It was a good day over all. The few snags, were just that, snags. I got the t-shirt logos sent in. I have the election dates set for the officers, I have the lists of treatment centers that are semi-local. I have the numbers of most of the local jails.

I’ve been busy. I also slipped away to the store for a few things as well.

There was no stash enhancement. I dodged a bullet there, I think. I did go down the sewing/crafting aisles though. It took over ten minutes to decide on the variety of darning needles that I need. Sighs, now I don’t know if I can complain when my beloved Snuggie goes to the hardware store and spends over an hour looking at the difference between a beige thingy and a white thingy.

I also purchased two more of those exceed journals from Walmart. It seems that I go through hard bound journals at a rapid pace. Sighs. Between my volunteer work, my step work, and organizing, I’m surprised that I don’t go through more of them.

Duke has been very good today. He definitely loves it here in town. Tomorrow, we hope to get out to the dog park. There, he can run, sniff, play and just be. I can get some good knitting time in.

I have fallen in love with something new by the way. I am listening to audiobooks again. It’s not just sitting and knitting with an audiobook, it’s shopping and listening. I can drive and listen, I can work on service work and listen. I can do almost anything and listen.

Audiobooks and I are now best buddies. Now, if you are thinking that I’m cheating on the podcasts that I dearly love, I am. I still listen, but I’ve become more discerning with my podcasts. Some of the podcasts, well, when I have to listen to over 5 minutes of commercials for a 20 minute podcast. Sighs, it just isn’t worth it.

Another pet peeve for podcasts, is 20 to 40 minutes of listener mail. Seriously? Cut out the 5 minutes of advertising, the 40 minutes of listener mail, that patreon supporters named, and the how was your week between the hosts… I usually get about 15 minutes of listenable content.

I’ve begun a vengeful resentment against commercials and BS.

So, audiobooks, it is.

That’s about it for now. I’m pretty sure I’ll be bugging you again soon.

Thank You for your time.



1 thought on “The coffee cup yarn bowl and the shawl”

  1. Audiobooks are my life. Not much else to do while driving 11 hours a day… and I’m at a standstill with my music collection. Podcasts? Yeah, I go on listening binges ever my few weeks, but the audiobooks are a constant.

    On the topic of horrendous amounts of advertising on podcasts… I wholeheartedly agree. I was listening to one from the beginning and by season 3, I was so aggravated with the amount of ads that I stopped listening. I get it, they want to make money doing podcasts, but still!!! Enough of the Bombas socks! Lol

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