Another town day

Here I sit at 7:30pm, waiting for the dogs to come in. It’s stinking cold outside, and I don’t want them to have problems out there. I have a cup of decaf in front of me.

The terrible two had to come to town with me today. Dad requested I go to Campbell’s Supply and pick up some desperately needed gear. Since it was a quick trip, the hooligans had to come along. We have a rule that the monsters are not outside unsupervised during specific hours.

Those hours fell during my run to town time. The monsters, have been trained well for car rides. Duke keeps the van safe, and Jesse is in training for backup protection.

On our return home, I delivered the gear, talked to Dad, and got back to work.

Footnote on yesterday’s post. The new medicine is working exceptionally well. My blood sugar levels are way down.

In the plans is a trip to Minnesota next week. I have work to do there. There are also friends to visit, ideas to share and a new clubhouse to see.

Other than that, it’s time for supper. My sugars are dropping, and I better get to it.



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