Another day a new Doctor

Hello all.

It’s been a long day on short sleep. This morning I was supposed to meet my daughter in town. Eventually, I did, but I received a phone call from my clinic first.

Yesterday was my 3 months check on my diabetes. It was strongly suggested I see an endocrinologist. I agreed, and requested a summer appointment because winter driving sucks. My Dr agreed, and I got my lab work done, and went home.

This morning, on my way to town, I received a phone call, with the request for a squeeze in appointment. They had an opening due to cancellation. Since I was already in town, I readily agreed.

I called my daughter, and We reworked our plans.

Next thing I knew, I was handing my blood sugar monitor over and my vitals were being taken. Shortly after, I was on two different medications, and I was impressed.

Over $42 later, I was frustrated. That was the pharmacy stop.


I am grateful, very grateful, for the Dr squeezing me in. I am hopeful for my medical for the first time in years. However, I was not planning on spending that much today.

But for the grace of God.

On the yarn front, three books, replacements for old friends gone feeble, have arrived. A yarn swift and ball winder are on the way, and I am pooped.

I called several old friends today, and I hope to meet with a couple for supper next week.

That’s all for now. I better take my medicine and test my sugars.