Road trip

This is day number two with Big Brother keeping track of my every move in the car. I am not sure about this, but in theory, they will give me a discount for doing this. Sighs. Feels like I have a cop in the car with me.

It snowed last night and the roads were pretty greasy this morning. Dad was late for church, and I missed my meeting again. I will try again on Tuesday.

I am waiting for a bit before we head to our next destination. We are scheduled for a Birthday party at one. My favorite cousin is celebrating and I have always loved her with all my heart.

Road trips mean the boys ride along. They enjoy lazy Sunday afternoon rides, watching people go by. It’s always a treat and fun to have both heathens in the car with us.

Dad is enjoying a short nap before we move on to the next place, and since we are just half a mile away, we have time.

That’s all for now.