Morning. We are under severe winter weather advisory for my area, and Dad and I are out and about.

Dad has two appointments at the VA this morning. It has been a ‘normal’ recovery day so far for me.

The dogs woke me several times during the night to go outside. I finally crawled out of bed at 5:10 this morning. I did my morning reading, had my first smoke of the day and made coffee.

I woke Dad at 6, and then again at 6:30 so we could leave in plenty of time to get to town. With the wind conditions and the fact that the sun wouldn’t be up yet, I needed extra time for travel.

Dad said, “One word of advice” as he got into the car. I asked him what that was, and he replied, “Don’t get into an accident.” I said I would take his advice.

Maybe he could have mentioned that to the other drivers.

We arrived in town with half an hour to spare before his appointment. However, driving through town, even with the interstate, he had only three minutes to spare. It was rush hour combined with the weather.

I am grateful we made it.

Planning ahead only does so much, execution also has something to do with it. I could plan to be a billionaire, it is a good plan. However, with my current circumstances, and the fact that I am doing absolutely nothing about it, it is not likely it will ever happen.

Life gets teejious, don’t it…

Have a great day.



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