New Year same me

Good morning.

First post of 2018 I guess. I have pneumonia, and today is the first day off of antibiotics. It still hurts to breathe and I take many naps during the day.

I have 7018 days sober today. It’s weird thinking about that many days sober. I have come to guard my sobriety a little more carefully now a days. For example, I saw my Dr a week ago. I had been coughing until more than mucous came loose. She prescribed an antibiotic, an anti fungal, and a cough medicine. I agreed, and went on my way to the pharmacy.

Once there, after the obligatory 20 minutes wait, I was stopped cold by the cough medicine. It said may make you drowsy. I came clean to the pharmacist, and let him know of my recovery status. I asked if I could return them, he said “Not after you have taken them.” I said, “No, now.” He agreed, and I saved ten dollars and walked out with piece of mind.

I am slowly healing, and I am going to be okay, sobriety intact.


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