Working on it

Admin Note: I will post study notes on Wednesdays, 6 AM Central Time US.

I have been plugging away at my notes, and I have been trying to survive the heat wave that has hit. It is one of those, it must be July in the Midwest deals that my Dad is always talking about. Today is going to be a scorcher. We are doing the summer time schedule, a siesta in the afternoon, and awake till about 2 or 3 in the morning.

The afternoon siesta gives me time to read. I am an avid reader, and have discovered recently that I have almost 4000 books in my e-books library. I wish I could say that most of those books were about recovery, but sadly, they are not.

I do have a kindle wish list, and the other day I bought a 99 cent booklet on working the traditions at home. I owned it for about 5 minutes.

Why only five minutes? It was only ten pages, and contained information I could have googled instead. I actually could have found the same information in my own website. Sighs. I wrote a customer review, and asked for a refund. Thankfully, Amazon’s refund site is a bit easier than most.

Why did I bother writing a review? I wanted to warn others of exactly what they were purchasing. There are many free versions of that exact same information available. Actually, the same information is available in the twelve steps and twelve traditions book. I’d rather put that same buck in the basket at a meeting, and not bother with the booklet. I made sure to keep my words to a minimum, and to not trash the author of the book. I also did not report the book to Amazon.

Why not? While the information did not help me, it may help someone else.

I still have to work the program online behind an anonymous computer screen. I still have to behave myself. I still have to live as if God is my Employer.

That’s all.

May God be with you as you trudge the road to Happy Destiny today.





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