What is my duty in recovery?

The newcomer is the most important person in any meeting, as we can only keep what we have by giving it away.

That said, what is my duty as an AA member?

I am to learn the program, and to be able to break it down for others to understand. I work hard to do so here in these simple essays for others. I also try my best to keep studying the program, because every time I read the book, I learn something new.

I am to attend meetings, and when I can not make it to a face to face meeting, I am to attend online meetings.  When I attend, I am to arrive early, stay late, and be available and of service to the others in the rooms.

I am to work the program myself, and to share what I learn with others. I do this here on this website, and in sharing with other alcoholics.

I am to share my story, which I do at a treatment center a about an hour away down the road.

I do the best I can with this website, and with the program itself. I hope that others do the same with you as you work the program, and work with still others.

May God be with you in the fellowship of the spirit.


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