Elementary my dear sponsor

One of my favorite characters in literature is a certain consulting detective. My private library carries more Holmesian stories than I have recovery books. Whether e-book, magazine, or paper book, Watson’s narratives bring me through rough times.

When I sit down to write, often I have an audiobook or podcast running in the background, with Mr. Holmes as the topic. Once in awhile, Watson’s words sweep over me, while I work on a post or two.

I write several posts for the week in rapid succession, scheduling posts a few days ahead in case I have a sick day. Earlier this month, I hadn’t planned ahead as well as I like to, and there was a lack of Essays. My apologies for the lapse.

  1. As a sponsor, and as a writer, sometimes my Idols slip into my recovery and my writing. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about the famous cocaine addict who solved crimes. Sometimes, being a person in recovery requires the intellect of the famous detective.

For example. I have recently started posting my study notes for the Big Book. Currently, I am getting ready to write the forward to the second edition. In writing the forward to the first, I realized that several things showed up in the Big Book as foreshadowing. I know for a fact that there is quite a bit of cross referencing later on in the book. I intend to provide the cross-references as well so that perhaps my work can help others.

Holmes called these types of studies that were published, monographs. A monograph is a detailed study. Where I am crippled is in the direct quotes sections I usually include in my notes.

However, I will soldier on. I will rummage through my brain attic, and provide the information. My sponsor expects no less from me.

Have a great afternoon, and I pray that your Higher Power is with you in your recovery today.


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