Surviving the summer heat without a beer

It’s a lovely day outside, the temps are in the upper 80’s and it is time to mow the lawn. It would be great to have an ice cold beer in the shade after such hot sweaty work, wouldn’t it? Or how about out on the lake, pole and reel in hand and a ice filled cooler next to me with just enough cold ones to get back to shore. Let’s go to the ball game tonight, watch the boys play, have a hot dog, a pretzel or two and a few foamy glasses filled to the brim?

It would be great, wouldn’t it? Not really. I’d be the one trying to mow the road out front of the farm, and nothing in the yard. I’d be the one leaning over the edge of the boat, chumming the lake with the contents of everything I had eating in the last year. I’d be the one who was benched, not on the stands, but behind bars. It’s not as fun as I thought I remembered it. I’m an alcoholic. It is what I did.

So, how to survive the hot summer days and nights without a cold beer?

My current beverage of choice is either a Coke Zero or a Diet Dr Pepper. If I can’t get one of either of those, I have iced tea, sun brewed. I learned that beer is just too expensive, court fees, rehab, treatment, fines, and jail time. I’ll stick with my sissy drinks, and enjoy my time on the outside.

The fun part of all this? I don’t have the right to judge anyone for having a few cold ones on a summer’s day. It is none of my business what other people are doing with their minds or bodies. I just make sure that my beverage is ice cold, alcohol free, and that in occasions where folks gather, that I have gotten to a meeting that day.

It is a good way to live. The program taught me this.

Have a good evening, and a great week. Take care…


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