Drinking dreams and using dreams

It has been a long time since I have woken up from a dead sleep in a cold sweat, terrified that I had gotten drunk yet again. The dreams were vivid and blood curdling. I used to search through the garbage, terrified. I would check everywhere. Yet I was innocent.

These punishing reminders are rare for me now. Yet the time comes that I wake up confused, thinking that I had totaled the vehicle of my serenity. Today, I am okay. I realize that my sick brain wants me drunk, wasted and dead.

I realize that my life is a gift. So, what can a person do about drinking dreams? I experience gratitude that I don’t have to live that way anymore. If I am disturbed enough, I will mention it in a meeting or with my sponsor. I recognize these as nightmares, and I recognize that the “little devil” on my should just wants to kill me.

Drinking dreams are not a prophecy, as long as I don’t pick up. They are simply dreams. As long as I am keeping in fit spiritual condition, I do not have to experience them to the garbage can searching level.

Short topic today, will have more tomorrow. May God be with you on your recovery journey.


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