Study methods I use

Back in 3rd grade, I was taught by Mrs Jacobsen about the SQ3R method of learning. She was not my favorite teacher, but I think that she taught me more that year than any other teacher I had the opportunity to learn from.

Here is a link to the SQ3R method. To break it down, I skim the chapters of the book I am reading. In the Big Book that means starting with the table of contents. It means I look through the paragraphs of the chapters, and get the general idea of what that chapter is about. I write down some questions I have about the chapter. I read the chapter, answering those questions. I write down the main points of the chapter, and then reread the chapter. In the case of my personally owned books, I highlight important notes in those chapters.

Another study method I use is working with a partner. My partner and I sit down and read whatever chapter together. We research the topic, and reference other information available. Google is our friend in this. In studying together, we each reach a higher understanding of the program.

There are also study meetings. These meetings work through the book, read a few paragraphs or pages of the book and discuss the topic. Those meetings are almost always exceptionally note taking heavy meetings. After the meeting, at home, I re-review the information presented, and take a look at what I have learned.

That’s about all I have on this topic. Have a good day.


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