Not sure about the topic here, so I will just wing it.

It has been a rough week. Outside temperatures have been in the upper 80’s and 90’s Fahrenheit all week. It has been only at night that we get a short break from the worst of the weather.

We live with fans, both ceiling fans and window fans to keep the house temperature low enough to relax. We do not do much outside work during the mid day or afternoons here, and driving in vehicles that do not have air conditioning can be a challenge. 

An example I can give you is on Thursday this week. We were scheduled to go to town as Dad had a Doctor’s appointment. That is not unusual. However, we had to drive in temperatures where the standing air temp was 94*. The internal temperature of the car was 120-130*. It was miserable. By the time we arrived at the VA, both Dad and I had “fevers”. The nurse commented on Dad’s increased temp, until I mentioned the outside heat, and no a/c in car. I guess she did not realize the dangers we faced. However, that is not her problem.

The parking lot at the hospital has absolutely no shade. The interior of the car cranked up another ten degrees when I decided to stop after his appointment and buy us some tea. I knew we were both getting dehydrated, and that we needed to make it to the farm. The tea helped, but there wasn’t enough ice in the cups. On arriving home, we ate and I rested before climbing back into the car and heading to the treatment center to speak for the night meeting.

I was nervous, but it is normal for me. I have been speaking at this treatment center for years, yet each time the anxiety level rises the week before speaking. Also, I was covered from head to toe with sweat by the time I arrived. Panic set in, when it was announced that the wing I usually spoke on was closed. I was to go speak to the males, with my speaking partner. 

My speaking partner and I do not know each other well. I had never heard him speak formally before. I also had never spoken in front of him. He has 9 years more sobriety time than I do.

I did not pass out, I am happy to say. We survived the meeting, and everything went smoothly. Afterwards, I commented to my speaking partner on how weird I felt, speaking to the males.

He shrugged it off, and we went our separate ways. It was time to go home. 

The ride home that night, watching the sunset, as the earth cooled around me, felt good and I was at peace for the first time that day. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve, and be of service. It was all in all, a hot, but good day.

That’s all I have for now, have a good day.


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