Recovery on a tight budget

I’m sitting in my office and looking through several of the tools I use regularly for sobriety. I remembered where I bought each of these items, a small quirk of mine. That is when the inspiration for this post came.

I bought my first book set from my first group. It was cheaper, much cheaper then. Over the years, I have given away most of the recovery books that I have purchased. I usually buy my books from the groups, especially since I went in to Barnes&Noble and received the greatest shock of my life. I kid you not, the book was 4 times the cost of my Big Book bought from the group.

Yet, I have bought books from other sources as well. I regularly shop, and have purchased used books at a steep discount even after shipping costs. I have usually found books at less than half price there. Another book retailer I use is, the sister store for EBay. 

For other supplies I use, such as pens and highlighters, rulers and paper, I go to Dollar Stores. I also rock those back to school clearance sales. Why pay full price for notebooks when they go on sale the week after school starts for a dime a notebook? Why spend over two dollars for a composition notebook, when the dollar store has them for that same dollar? I have saved quite a bit of money that way.

Yet my favorite way to get recovery literature and supplies is to hit the thrift stores. Recovery books show up there quite often. Sometimes, they just get thrown away, which is almost a crime, and a heart rending one at that. Why fill a landfill up with books? I ‘rescue’ these books and pass them on to others.

Lastly, there are E-Books. If you absolutely must avoid the dead tree version of our literature, and want to spend the money, you can buy our literature, as well as other fellowships offerings through either your device’s software, or other venues.

Recovery is not cheap. I say this with a smile on my face. From the hours spent learning the program and working the steps, to the money put into treatment, literature, and survival items, it will cost something. However, it is a price that I am willing to pay. You see, sobriety is still much cheaper than boozing and using was for me.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.