Medications and Sobriety an essay

I am not a professional. I am just an alcoholic in recovery. That said, here is what I do when forced to take medications for medical problems and conditions.

I have talked at length with my physician over the years. He understands the depths of my alcoholism and drug addiction.  He also understands that the phenomenon of craving comes quicker and harder in me for substances than the average patient. We have weeded out over the years, many substances that are now on my allergy list due to the phenomenon of craving. 

My doctor has had training in dealing with alcoholics and drug addicts. He knows beyond a reasonable doubt, what drug seeking behavior is. He also knows me. There are times I have gone to the emergency room not for drugs, but to make sure that there is no permanent damage done to my body.

That said, what do I tell my sponsees?

I say, “I am not a medical professional. Your recovery is your business, and what pills you take are between you and your professional medical and/or psychiatric staff.” I also say, “If you are on medications, keep track in your planner or on a tracking sheet when you take your medications so that you do not have problems with it, or overdose.”

That is it. 

I think that the main point here is that I understand completely the nature of my alcoholism and other problems. I have a Doctor who I trust completely. I also have a medical team who is working to help me figure out what is the best for me. I have worked the twelve steps many times and applied them to the problems in my life.

That’s all I have for now.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at 


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