Working steps 8 through 12

STEP 8+9
⦁ There are major differences with face to face amends that are necessary, and lifetime (lifestyle) amends. Praying for the folks on your list until you have forgiven them for everything is so important. We’ve destroyed our lives by boozing and using people, now it’s time to clean up our side of the street. Follow the proceedure on page 552 in Alcoholics Anonymous
⦁ I do recommend writing letters to each and every person in your notebook. These letters are not to be sent, they are for you. Write out practice amends letters until you mean them. Talk with your sponsor and ask them how they made amends.
STEPS 10+11
⦁ I do recommend that you work on this as much as you can, simply because the disease is a Spiritual disease. When we sit on our thumbs, the disease gets worse. I’ve never wasted any time that I spent working on the program. Guess what all the daily homework is? Think a minute, it is your 10th and 11th step.

⦁ Do the dictionary thing, and read pp. 89-164 BB and Step 12 in the 12×12
⦁ Re-do all of the steps in order with your sponsor. When you are asked to sponsor others, you will be working all the steps with your sponsee.
⦁ Walk the talk, do not give a sponsee homework you have never done
⦁ Live the program each day, do your daily homework, including the added prayers from your journey through the steps


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