Working Step One

⦁ We start with a dictionary. Write down the definitions of the first step. We… Admitted…
⦁ What do you want out of your recovery? Write a decent paragraph.

  • Also, what do you expect out of your sponsor? Write a good paragraph or two. 

⦁ Read pp. xxv-43 4th edition BB, Read pp. 21-24 12×12. Highlight the lines that resonate with you, key points. Take notes. Write down questions. Look up the definitions to any words you don’t know and write them in the margins of your book. (Hint: This is for future use, and proof that you have read the material. If you have highlighted every line on every page, this is not proof of reading it, just laziness.)
⦁ Write down 5 reasons you are an alcoholic
⦁ Write down 5 ways your life is unmanageable
⦁ “By going back in our drinking histories…” p. 23 12×12 Write down your drinking (drug &etc…) use from your most recent to your earliest.
⦁ Write down the ways your life became unmanageable as your disease progressed.
⦁ Write down your criminal/legal history. (IE times you were arrested/jailed/should have been, and any judgments or rulings against you.)
⦁ Write down all the areas of your life where you are powerless. (Ex. Booze, sex, drugs, food, mental illness, other people, co-dependency &etc…)
⦁ Pray daily for the willingness to work the program. -> Add to your daily prayers
⦁ Phew! Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it. We didn’t get in this condition overnight, and it’s going to take work to get better.
⦁ Keep doing the daily homework while you do this. Don’t forget to add the willingness prayer request to your daily prayer list.
⦁ Get in touch with your sponsor, and you can go through this together. Huggage, you are going to be okay.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at


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