Working Step 3

⦁ We start with a dictionary. Write down the definitions of the third step Made… A… Decision… &etc…
⦁ Read pp. 60-64 4th edition BB, Read pp. 34-41 12×12. Highlight the lines that resonate with you, key points. Take notes. Write down questions. Look up the definitions to any words you don’t know and write them in the margins of your book. (Hint: This is for future use, and proof that you have read the material. If you have highlighted every line on every page, this is not proof of reading it, just laziness.)
⦁ How well has self-will served you up to this point?
⦁ What does it mean to you to have God as your “New Employer?”
⦁ Do you Trust God?
⦁ Third Step Prayer
⦁ Live as-if God has taken over your will and life.
⦁ Ask God for willingness daily.
⦁ Ask God to teach you how to turn your will & life over
⦁ Ask God to help you to stay clean and sober today.
⦁ Re-read BB pp. xxv-64
⦁ Re-read 12×12 pp. 21-41
⦁ Re-read your step work up to this point.
⦁ Have you left anything out?
⦁ You know the drill at this point, get together with your sponsor, review the wip (work in progress), and continue the daily home work while you work this step. Add the willingness prayers to your daily prayer; continue with the other daily prayer work. Huggage, it’s going to be okay. The next step is a new beginning. 😉


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