Daily Homework: When you retire at Night

I have seen this written as “Putting the Day to bed.” I have also see this writing as finding things we forgot to put into our formal step work. It is vital to recovery to sit and work on this nightly.

The following lists are of ten things each.

  1. Where was God active in my life today?
  2. List of things you did right or appropriately today.

Answer the following questions and write an explanation of your answers.

  1. Were you resentful?
  2. Were you selfish?
  3. Were you dishonest?
  4. Were you afraid?
  5. Have you kept something to yourself which should be discussed with another person at once?
  6. We you kind and loving towards all?
  7. What could you have done better?
  8. Were you thinking of yourself most of the time?
  9. Were you thinking of what you could do for others, of what you could pack into the stream of life?

List of things you did wrong today.

  • What/What happened?
  • Why did you do it? (Motive)
  • Did you cause harm?
  • Do you owe amends?
  • What should you have done
  • What will you do next time?
  • Have you made amends? (If not do immediately the next day.)
  • Discuss this with your sponsor.
  • Answer some of the questions found in the book Paths to Recovery from page 107 to 109.

Writing down your spending:

Keeping track of our finances is something we may not have focused on before. We may owe people thousands of dollars, and let our finances go to a shambles. Writing down our spending helps us change our behaviors.

  • What have you bought/spent money one. (Include all of your bills.)
  • How did you pay for it?
  • Why did you buy it?
  • Did you spend money you should not have?
  • Did you over draw an account?
  • Did you use a credit card?
  • What should you have done?
  • Have you hurt someone with your spending?

Write down the things you have borrowed.

  • What
  • From whom
  • Why
  • When will you return it?
  • Write down a reminder in your planner.

Update your bank books/accounts daily.

Huggage, you can do this. Start small, if you need to, add a little bit more every night. You are worth the effort!

If you have any questions, please email me at justanotheralcoholic@yahoo.com


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