Daily Homework: Prayer Edition

Oh boy, more daily homework?

I learned quite some time ago, that the effort I put into alcohol and other issues is the same effort I need to put into my recovery. So, yes, for every “Dear God don’t let me do that again” Prayed over the porcelain god, needs to be met with an equal effort into my recovery.

Prayer List:

  1. The names of people you need to pray for. For example: If you hurt someone, were hurt by someone, or were angry with someone, their name goes at the top of the list. Pray for them to have peace, serenity, joy and love. Their name goes on the list until you have forgiven them.
  2. Your family. The members of our families have suffered long and hard by our disease. They are permanently on our prayer list, whether or not we still have contact with them. Also include the parents of your offspring, whether or not you are still with them.
  3. Willingness and strength. Ask God for the willingness and strength to work the program so that you can be a useful member of society. 
  4. Forgiveness: Ask God to forgive you for anything you have done, and ask God for the help to forgive those who you were angry with each and every day.
  5. Personal Religious Prayers: I also use the prayers affiliated with my religion.
  6. Direction and guidance: Ask God for direction and guidance to get through the next 24 hours.

Okay, it seems like so much, but think about the boozing and using we have done. How much effort have we put into destroying our relationship with God and others? Weighed against that, a little bit of prayer never causes harm.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at just anotheralcoholic@yahoo.com


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